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Restoration and Preservation Project 



The Nineteenth Street Baptist Church is a house of worship, an architectural masterpiece, designed by Frank Furness that stands as a tarnished jewel at 19th and Titan Streets.  The problem is that the church has been in a state of slow deterioration for several years.   


As a result of the downward spiral of deterioration the church was eventually deemed unsafe and scheduled for demolition.  However, a $1500 grant used for building materials, three men (a professor, a carpenter and an electrician) and some TLC bought the church some much needed time to save the building.  Last year a portion of the south side of the roof was replaced therefore providing the church with an envelope that seals the church in an attempt to keep it relatively dry.



Check out the Preserve 19th Street Website... You Can Now Donate Online.. Thanks in Advance for your prayers and financial support... Blessings"Building On Our Historic  Past"19thstbaptchurchrestoration.orgYou can be a part of this historical restoration by making your donation today. To learn more click here Donate Now >  


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