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What About Us

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 New Beginning   New Day   New Season 

The Nineteenth Street Baptist Church is a house of worship, an architectural masterpiece designed by Frank Furness that stands as a tarnished jewel at 19th and Titan Streets. The church was originally established as an Episcopal mission in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philadelphia.  In 1874, the cornerstone was laid for the Memorial Church of the Holy Comforter.


In 1944, this building became the house of worship for the 19th Street Baptist Church. Over the past seventy plus years, our Bible-believing and teaching church has seen some good days, and now are experiencing some major challenges. We have to transition and relocate the ministry. 


You are invited to experience the presence of God, hear the Gospel and feel the love of the Lord... in what we call the best two hours of the week.  Join us as we partner with the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation, 1201Constitution Avenue at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. 



Pastor Winborne

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