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Pastor's Nehemiah Blog...

A Modern Day Nehemiah Story of Faith

How crazy does one have to be to return to the place where it all started considering all the current challenges of the 19th Street Church.  One has to be pretty crazy, to return to face a multi-million dollar project with no money that will even put a dent in the financial need. Nevertheless, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight. 


In 2014, Pastor Winborne returned to the place where he was saved, married, licensed, trained, ordained and sent to serve in ministry.  The call was to return to give the congregation a sense of hope, against all odds. The call was a response of 'giving back' to so many people who poured into the Winborne Family. 


The blessing for Pastor Winborne  is having connections on both sides of the river. The friendships and relationship that continue to this present day that reach to New York, Florida, and California.  


The ministry at hand is to offer hope as we seek to

"Rise Up & Build".. 

We do the works, but God works in us the doing of the works.
  St Augustine of Hippo

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